Written by Riezl Baker, Luxury Lake Oconee Real Estate Group

We have a wonderful community for all ages– one that offers a multitude of amenities and endless activities that build connection and fosters interaction across generations. Over the past years, we have welcomed a new generation of young parents, who gave up the urban life, to strike a balance for a quality of life. They value being close to family and friends, and were drawn to the area for it’s beauty, vibrancy and the safe environment it provides. I recently chatted with friends who made the decision (B.C.-before children) to raise their families in the area, and are making a difference by getting involved and giving back to the community.




Stephanie, Jeff, Jack (4), Isaac (3), Baby Boy #3 due on August 19th

From Carlsbad to Oconee

Steph: “Jeff’s parents moved to Reynolds and also moved the family business, Aalto Scientific, to the area. We moved to Reynolds in December of 2014. When we moved to the area Jack was just 2 months old. What we loved most about the community is how welcoming everyone was when we moved here and how supportive the community has been since then. When anyone in the family was sick or when I had another child, the outpour of support was pleasantly surprising from people dropping off food to running errands for me or offering to care for my children. The offers were very genuine and it was very comforting to know that there were so many people willing to help out.”

Jeff: “We spend a lot of time at home where the kids play outside; we value the safety that we feel within the community. We do not worry about our kids playing outside or are concerned about high traffic. The Lake Club work out facility is also a huge perk!. The facility is very nice and has all the equipment I would expect from a high-end gym. “


The Mauros’ have sponsored the Tees for Titans and Denim and Diamonds benefiting Lake Oconee Academy. They have also supported the efforts of St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation. At Christmas time, Aalto Scietific also host a Christmas “giving tree” where Christmas gifts and supplies are donated to the Circle of Love charity in Greensboro, Georgia.