Confessions of a First-Time Home Buyer in Lake Oconee

Luxury Lake Oconee Real Estate Group April 3, 2023

Confessions of a First-Time Home Buyer in Lake Oconee

Lake Oconee has always been a fun family escape for seasonal fun. Our annual vacations consisted of camping, fishing, socializing, and splashing off the shores of this great body of water. As I aged, I always told myself that I would prefer to live like this more permanently when it came time to invest. After many years of spending the spring and summer months enjoying the luxuries of the lake, I decided to build the foundation for my future in this region. Purchasing my home in Greene County was nothing short of a roller coaster ride, but I buckled in and found the home of my dreams, a staycation in one of the most beautiful places nature offers.

Realtors are necessary

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Once I started my hunt to invest in a lake home, I quickly learned that a local realtor is necessary to accomplish the home-buying process. Real estate agents are your best asset when searching for your property. They have all the connections and understand the appropriate time to bring each professional into your home-buying process. Having purchased a vehicle, I understood the importance of pre-approvals walking into a dealership but did not correlate the same for a mortgage. Luxury Lake Oconee Real Estate Group was able to get me started with a local lender almost immediately.

Understand your options

My first challenge was determining which type of property was right for me. Thinking about space, location, and future opportunities to turn my home into a vacation property was essential to the beginning of my search. Knowledge of this town was closely bound to childhood memories and adolescent dreams of returning to the same destination. Now an adult, my reality became more focused, and ideal locations broadened. A real estate agent from Luxury Lake Oconee Real Estate Group will listen to your needs and wants, which allows you to develop an outline of the purchasing process and streamline desires while distinguishing negotiables.

Find what works for you

Lakefront living is full of opportunities to enjoy nature and communal sporting activities. The option to relax in the luxury of waterfront venues is frequent. It is essential to communicate with your realtor, as they will know your preferences when looking for properties. Your realtor at Luxury Lake Oconee will understand the community and share knowledge of the homes for sale in Lake Oconee.

Flexibility is key

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The nostalgia of my childhood clouded my judgment while stepping in to view several homes at my price point. Early in my search, I was determined to stay in one location. Thankfully my realtor could share a new perspective that was not part of my vision. Newly updated features made viewing resale homes difficult, as they all had unique reasons to pique my interest. However, I kept my mind open as I searched the multiple listing service, and my realtor was also able to share homes that were not on my radar due to connections with brokers who knew of pre-market listings. Luxury Lake Oconee knows about private listings and can secure showings for properties that stay off the listing sites.

Wiggle room

Determining my offer was challenging, given the area is an admired vacation destination and families often purchase a second home to spend holidays near the lake. Knowing the return on investment would potentially pay off big helped me recognize that raising my offer could be necessary when it came time to ask for the property of my choice. It is essential to remember that Lake Oconee real estate comes with unparalleled vibrancy. The community offers active and social opportunities with a calm serenity on or near the water, which is unachievable elsewhere. Determining what you are willing to spend should remain fluid as you search for your dream property by the lake. Raising the bar on the price point scale can shift the available listings and reveal the home you have been searching to purchase.

Eye on the prize

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The process of purchasing a home is not for the faint of heart. Multiple times, I thought I found “the one,” only to realize the house was under contract as I worked with my agent to prepare an offer. While these moments happen, your realtor is there to remind you that you have a goal in mind and that certain home features do not take away from the lifestyle you desire. It is important to remember the main reason you are searching for a home in the location you have chosen. My main goal was to find a property that would allow me to permanently enjoy Lake Oconee's lush landscape and local amenities. After viewing multiple listings in the area, my realtor took me to a neighborhood that held the nostalgia I was looking for and carried the dreams and goals of my future family lifestyle together in the same space. It was time to make it known that I wanted to make this home my own.

Your story matters

As Lake Oconee real estate brings competition, buyers must be on their A-game to come out on top. My agent at Luxury Lake Oconee was ready to engage with the broker in charge of the sale once I decided on a resale home with charm and lake access. The house was currently accepting offers and leaning toward another buyer at the time of our showing. After preparing and sending my proposal for purchase, my realtor suggested I write a letter sharing my intent and interest in making this my first home.

Letters work

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When I sat down to write my message, the number one reason I chose to live in the lovely enclave of Lake Oconee came to mind. My dreams of building an adult life would now be possible by purchasing their ranch-style home tucked away in the place I loved to spend time with those I love the most. My devotion to the community flowed into my message. In closure, I expressed how their home matched my vision, and the bonus of the expansive greenspace and mature trees around the property made their living space the only home I wanted to call my own. Fortunately, the sellers were touched and pleased I took the time to share my intent. It can be challenging to find owners willing to listen, but the option to share is always there.

If you want to purchase your first property in Lake Oconee, browse real estate & homes for sale in the area. Luxury Lake Oconee Real Estate Group is available to offer guidance and help you achieve your dreams. Their expert Lake Oconee real estate agents are well known in the area for their commitment to helping every client understand what Lake Oconee offers and have an exceptional reputation as a top luxury realty group in the community. 

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