A Holiday Message from Ted & Riezl

Luxury Lake Oconee December 22, 2022

A Holiday Message from Ted & Riezl
During this holiday season, we feel compelled to write to you today to express our deep appreciation for your business, support and friendship since launching our company, Luxury Lake Oconee Real Estate Group, on January 1, 2020. Who knew when launching our small company that we would be in for a global pandemic that would change the entire world? In the midst of this difficult international health crisis, none of us could know the impact the pandemic would have on our little community. After over 20 years of living and working in real estate at Lake Oconee we were positioned well to react with experience, strong relationships and friendships as the market evolved over the last three years. 



Certainly, we have been blessed with an incredible team. Like any new organization, we have had some inevitable agent changes in the past several months, and we wish them well. Our core group of full time staff remain hard at work assisting clients and delivering on our promise of the highest level of professional service regardless of the size of the transaction. As you undoubtedly know, we also have added several exciting agents to our firm this year that have a wealth of experience and have brought added vibrant energy to the daily life at the office.
Definitely a cliché, but we take it to heart: Real estate is a relationship business. You, our friends and clients, deserve an enormous thank you for all that you have done for us. We do not take for granted one second the trust you place in us when considering a real estate transaction or connecting us with a loved one. We are grateful for the faith that Buyers and Sellers place in us daily to guide them through what is usually one of the biggest transactions they will ever undertake. The reason, we do what we do, is because we enjoy helping others and enjoy welcoming new people to our area. Our family and company believe in investing in our community and will continue to give back at every turn possible.
We would be remiss if we did not thank the over 100 different REALTORS® from almost 40 different brokerage offices in Lake Oconee, Atlanta and beyond that we have cooperated with on transactions over the last three years. We value our colleagues greatly; some we have known since moving here in 1997, and some are new to our area. We enjoy the opportunity to work with all of the REALTORS®, (new and old) from Lake Oconee and elsewhere. 



Over the last three years Luxury Lake Oconee has sold over $330M in almost 300 transactions and, as of December 1, an additional $13M under contract to close before the end of the year. Our little company has consistently been #1 in sales volume per agent, and Riezl has almost always been the top local REALTOR® in our MLS over the last three years. This is in large part to our team responding to Buyer demand and forecasting where the market should go in an increasing market. Whether inside or outside of the gated communities, on the golf course or on the lake, we are on the forefront and paying attention as values around our area, and the country at large, move. This has helped our Buyers win more deals when we had multiple offer situations and assisted our Sellers to know how to price their property in a dynamic market. 



Total sales and rental volume of all property classes for the last three years from the Lake Country MLS are:   

  • 2019: $585M in 1,726 transactions;    
  • 2020: $912M in 2,202 transactions;  
  • 2021 was $1B in 2,096 transactions;
  • As of December 1, 2022 was $913M in 1,546 transactions with $84M pending in 122 transactions.

We all know the story of the Fed lowering the Federal Funds Rate 150 bps over a two week period in March 2020 in response to the pandemic. Then, of course in March of 2022 in response to increasing high inflation the Fed began to raise back up the Federal Funds rate.
Nevertheless, values have for the most part held, and we are still seeing activity with cash buyers in the higher end properties between $1- $4+M. Buyers understand that values in our area are traditionally more stable than other places. Also, Sellers watch the news and they are responding with slightly more agreeable terms and required patience. While we all know the national economy will ebb and flow, Lake Oconee and the wonderful lifestyle we enjoy is here to stay. Lake Oconee was flooded in 1979, Great Waters opened in 1992, the Ritz Carlton Lodge opened in 2012. Several years from now, we may look back at 2020 as another one of these moments that ‘put Lake Oconee on the map’.
Please call on us if you, your friends, or family are in the market to buy or sell property at Lake Oconee. We have several fantastic listings that are waiting for the next generation to make wonderful memories here in our special spot of the world. We are committed to continuing to provide Buyers and Sellers the highest level of service at every price point at Lake Oconee.
Thank you again for all that you have done and continue to do to help make Luxury Lake Oconee a success. We look forward to the opportunity to connect with each of you over the Holidays and in the New Year. Please call on us if we can assist you in any way.
With kindest personal regards, we remain…
Yours sincerely,
Ted & Riezl Baker

Luxury Lake Oconee Team Members:


Nicole Richard – Office Manager
Kerry Minster – Executive Assistant to Riezl Baker
Dylan Golden – Marketing Coordinator
Leslie Clark – Realtor
Elisa Frecther – Realtor
Charlotte Hildreth – Realtor
Betty McHan – Realtor
Jon Peeler – Realtor
Hunter Squires – Realtor

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