Written by Lindsey Moore

The Fourth of July boasts many traditions across the country. Whether it’s a backyard grill out with family and friends or packing a cooler, blanket and lawn chairs to see the community fireworks, everyone has their own way of celebrating. Here at Lake Oconee, members and their guests in Reynolds extend the holiday to span the entire weekend with plenty of actives and events that take place across the property.

The Lake Club

About 2,000 members and guests at Reynolds Lake Oconee kick off the holiday by hanging out at the Lake Club pool and Infinity Bar. Live music and drinks entertain adults while the waterslide and pools entertain kids. While Kathy’s Cafe is a great option for lunch, the cookouts are worth trying. Up by the cafe, a tent with burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers and fries allows for quick access to food. Down by the adult pool members can find grilled chicken, pulled pork and mahi sandwiches which are special items only offered during the holiday. A tip for the Fourth weekend at the Lake Club— get there early, it fills up fast.

Lake Oconee

Each year during the Fourth, the lake fills with boats. Anywhere you go on the lake you’ll see members tubing, wake boarding, kayaking, paddle boarding and much more. The sand bar and Jumping Rock are two very popular locations on the lake. At the sand bar you’ll find boats packed in with everyone kicking back and enjoying the lake. It’s conveniently located near the Lake Club if a pit stop is needed. The Jumping Rock is perfect for anyone looking for a little adventure. The 10-foot-high rock doesn’t seem daunting until you get to the top, but once you jump into the water, you won’t regret it.



There are options for the fireworks display on Lake Oconee as both Reynolds and the Ritz-Carlton have an event.

At Reynolds, the fireworks display has most recently taken place at the Landing while Great Waters was under renovation. Members and guests enjoy family friendly live music and a cookout with all the classic Fourth of July fixings. There are also plenty of activities to keep kids busy including an inflatable slide and a bounce house. Once the sun goes down, an amazing 30-minute firework display beings.

At the Ritz-Carlton, the Summer Series continues with another live band. Guests enjoy the music and drinks out back while overlooking the lake. The firepit is always lit and anyone is welcome to make a s’more. Families and friends can challenge each other to a game of table tennis or cornhole by the recreation area. The firework display begins once it gets dark.

Written by Jennifer Vaughan


At first when we heard about COVID 19, it was frightening and we had no idea what the virus would have in store for our family, our community, our country and our world.  I could never have imagined that the schools would be shut down, businesses would be forced to close their doors and we would have to shelter in place for those many long days.


My husband Larry was given an executive buy-out from his company in January.  He had been interviewing with several new companies for a new role, but everything stopped on that front in mid-March when the virus hit the US.  Looking back, we were so lucky to have the two of us home and available to help homeschool our 3 boys.  It was not an easy time for us because of their ages and the amount of time that we needed to spend with each to make sure that they were getting their work done.


Our “normal” schedule was completely turned upside down.  We slept in, stayed up late doing family movie nights, played outside and enjoyed being able to spend time out on the water.  Since we

live in Reynolds Lake Oconee we were able to get out of the house golfing, riding bikes, roller blading, jet skiing and taking boat rides.  This time that we all spent together making memories is something I will always cherish.  My boys are growing up so fast and for this brief moment in our lives, time moved at such an easy pace so we could take it all in.  We consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to be so active outdoors during the quarantine.


As we continue to work through COVID 19 and the effects of the pandemic, I hope that you and your Quarantine Crew are doing well and taking care of each other!

Written by Riezl Baker, Luxury Lake Oconee Real Estate Group


For this month, I celebrate all the dads especially those featured in this article. They are not only dads but mentors, coaches, problem-solvers and motivators. They are true leaders not only in their respective fields, but at home, where they care for their families and love them unconditionally. I reached out to the children of these dads through family members and social media, they were overjoyed to share about the role model who helped shape them. This article may take these dads by total surprise but one thing is for sure, these beautiful words will touch their and your hearts.


“Anyone can be a father, but not everybody can be a DAD.”


DERIN MOORE, Executive Chef and Culinary Director, Reynolds Lake Oconee

My dad is the greatest because ..

He is a hardworking guy with a BIG heart, a great sense of humor and his main goal in life is to love and support his family.”

What I admire most?

“I admire his passion to take care of his family, always making sure that everyone is happy.”

His hobbies?

“When he is not in the kitchen, he loves to play golf and spend relaxing time at home with his dogs.”

What he taught me in life…

“The best life lesson he has taught me is to always rise up to the occasion, whether it is about school, work, family or a friend in need.”


—Lindsey Moore, Chef Derin’s daughter


RICARDO PATTON, Basketball Coach, University of Colorado

My dad is the greatest because..

He is honest, disciplined, courageous and caring.”

His quality that I admire most:

“I admire Dad’s strong work ethic! When he puts his mind into something, he is committed to it the best he can be.”

His pet peeve?

“Lack of effort. His favorite saying is ‘I am not hard to Work with, but I am hard to Loaf with.’”

Best life lessons he has taught me and my brother:

“He always taught us to give through actions. He is always willing to take time to teach and help others. When we were younger, he would invite our friends over for Tae Kwon Do, golf lessons or teach them how to ride horses. He’s a great teacher, supporter, leader, partner and more importantly, he loves us unconditionally.”


–Michael Patton, Ricardo’s Son


BOB GOUR, Chef and Owner, Café 44

My dad is the greatest because

“He is humble, hardworking, a great storyteller and he is one of a kind!”

What I admire most about him?

“I admire his tireless energy and drive. He does more in a day than I can accomplish in one week.”

His favorite hobby?

“If he can ever slow down, he loves spending time to relax on the lake and being a ‘GrandBob’,”

Lessons I learned from Dad:

“My Dad taught me how to be creative in the kitchen.  He taught me to love, to have fun and not take myself too seriously. He allowed me to make mistakes and navigate through the solution while never letting me fall. He has been the perfect role model of what a parent should be and now I get to experience him being the perfect Grandfather to my daughter.”


–Jessie Johnson, Bob’s daughter


LOUIE SEABOLT, Chairman, St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Foundation Board

My dad is the greatest because..

“He is hardworking, and he never quits.”

Best lesson he taught me?

“It didn’t matter what you wanted to be in life, just be the best at it. I remember him saying, you can be a ditch digger if you want, but be the best one.”

His favorite hobby and pet peeve?

“Dad likes to play backgammon and he hates the sound of flip flops!”

What I love about him?

“Dad is encouraging and forgiving. He will always ask for your opinion and will discuss it with you. I love that he always takes time to listen.”


–Susan Mashburn, Louie’s daughter


ROGER MEYER, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

My dad is the greatest because

“He is not only an accomplished physician, an avid tennis player, and a talented musician, he is also a caring, generous and loving father.”

What I admire most?

“I admire my dad’s dedication and attention to detail. He accomplishes everything he sets out to do and does it well. Dad likes to take charge and coordinate meals, family gatherings, and travels. We let him because he’s good at it and enjoys being the patriarch, while incorporating each of our strengths.”

His pet peeve?

“He cannot stand anyone getting in his way in the kitchen! He’s a great cook, but we have to stand back and watch the magic happen.”

Life’s best lesson?

“Dad has taught me that’s there’s no substitute for hard work, education, and kindness. These three things are the keys to success and happiness.”


–Jennifer Bielli, Roger’s daughter


TED BAKER, Principal/Managing Broker, Luxury Lake Oconee Real Estate Group

My dad is the greatest because…

“He is a selfless and compassionate man; Dad inspires me every day with his faith and his ability to love unconditionally. He is the kindest person I know. For as long as I can remember, Dad has always been the person who stops on the side of the road to help someone with a flat tire or a ride to the gas station.”

Dad’s pet peeve?

“Dad can’t stand tardiness, which comes from his days as a football player, but he has learned to let it slide when it is out of his control.”

The biggest lesson in life he has taught me…

“Dad teaches me humility every day. Dad has accomplished a great deal in his life, but he hands the spotlight off to others without hesitation.”

Dad’s best qualities are…

“He has the uncanny knack for knowing exactly when to give a hug or words of encouragement when it is needed. He cares so deeply for everyone in our family and never hesitates to take care of us before himself. I am immeasurably grateful to have him as my father.”


–Stu Baker, Ted’s son





Written by Riezl Baker


Easter is one my favorite holidays for many reasons. It signals the beginning of Spring and brings the hope of a bright and warmer weather. Flowers bloom and colors cover the horizon. Easter also signals a time of reconnecting with family and friends through traditions. As a child, I remember getting up early for sunrise mass, and in my Sunday best, anticipating what seemed like the biggest egg hunt ever. These days,I still look forward to the beautiful celebration of the Lord’s resurrection and the day’s festivities shared with our family and friends, with the setting of the sun as the day’s colorful grand finale. Several of my favorite friends share their Easter traditions:


“Unlike days past when mom fit all the girls in white patent shoes, Easter bonnets, and the boys in clean clothes with socks and shoes, Dave and I play golf on Easter Sunday. We have non-golfing friends who come for dinner or we go to one of the clubs.  Of course on a sunny Easter day, the boat beckons us to the lake.” – Elaine Thillen,




“Our three boys, Matthew (11), Jordan (9) and Brandon (6) love the Easter Egg hunt at the Reynolds Commons. It is packed with kids from the community, as well as visiting grandchildren and families, and they have so much fun making new friends. We go to church on Easter morning, followed by brunch at one of the clubs. The Lake Club Easter brunch is fantastic and has become our favorite!” – Jennifer Vaughan




“We built our home in Reynolds while living in England and moved to the community full time in 2009. We are very active parishioners of the Catholic church and attend the early Easter service, followed by golf with the boys. The day ends with a delicious Prime Rib dinner that I prepare for the boys.”

-Patty Dailey



“Denny and I first moved to Lake Oconee in 2015 with our three kids Taylor (17), Ty (15), and Trace (13). Easter has always been a special time for us to gather together with our church and family to celebrate Him. We moved from Northridge Christian Church in Milledgevile to Lakepoint Christian Church in Eatonton where it has become an Easter tradition to attend Easter service at the Rainey family’s farm, the Briarpatch.

After the service, we go to a large family gathering for an Easter egg hunt with four generations, play baseball, ride  four wheelers, play with the farm chickens. As long as the weather allows, we end the night with a relaxing boat ride on Lake Oconee with our Fur-babies feeling grateful for all He has provided. “

-Ally Wood